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Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to hire the right candidates for software testing positions?

Do companies really judge candidate’s testing ability in interviews? Do they ask the questions that really judge the candidate’s skill? What questions should be asked to judge the candidate for software testing field? What is the key process to hire good candidates for software testing positions?
Ok, I am asking to many questions without giving answer to any of it. Well, each question mentioned above will require a separate post to address the problem fairly. Here we will address in short about – How to hire the right candidates for software testing positions?
Companies or interviewers, who are not serious about hiring right candidates, often end with hiring poor performers.
What I mean by “Not serious” here? 
- They don’t know why and for what post they are hiring a candidate.
- They either fake or fail to post the exact job opening details.
- Or they don’t want to hire skilled performers at all. Hmm, jealousy might be the key here!
Whichever is the reason, there is definitely loss of organization. Loss in terms of both revenue and growth.
Do not forget to comment your experience on software testing interviews, either as an interviewer or as a candidate.

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