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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unix basics for software testers

No matter whether you are working on stand-alone project or web project, operating systems and networking knowledge is must for testers. Many testing activities like installation testing, performance testing are dependent on operating system knowledge. Now days most of the web servers are Unix based. So Unix knowledge is mandatory for tester.
For the beginners in Unix, learning basic Unix commands is a good start. This article explains basic Unix commands and in next article we will move on to the Unix operating system basics and advanced Unix commands.
The best way to learn following commands is to read and simultaneously practice them on Unix operating system.
These are the Unix commands that are mostly used while interacting with Unix servers. Most of the time you might be interacting with Unix OS through remote windows machines using softwares like ‘Putty’. In such testing environment this article is very useful.
I will continue this series of “soft skills required for testers”. Here is list of skills on which I will concentrate in coming posts:
  • Operating systems skill for testers.
  • Networking skill.
  • Database ( Mainly SQL) knowledge for testers.
  • Basic programming skill.
All these skills are required to become a successful software tester.

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