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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Software Test Automation Framework enable us focus on building robust,  automation solution to solve common problems, such as more frequent product cycles, less preparation time, reduced testing time, more platform choices, more programming language choices and Return on investment (ROI).  It helps in promoting automation and reuse, has broad platform and language support, and provides a common infrastructure across teams.

Automation Framework defines a set of guidelines for all phases of test automation; Test Requirement Analysis, Script Design, Execution, Reporting and maintenance. A framework provides a wrapper around different complex internal architecture layers, which makes it reusable, maintainable and high return on investment. It also enforces a set of standards for implementation.

This framework named as ExcelFramework based on .NET and consists of the following sub-components such as
  • Function Library
  • Common Functions
  • Database Layer (implementation)
  • The Object Repository
  • WebDriver Script
  • Logger
  • BDD Layer
  • Screen Shots
  • Page Object Model
  • Reports
  • DSL

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