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Monday, June 9, 2014

Jenkins for Selenium

  • Jenkins is an open source continuous integration tool written in Java
  • Jenkins was originally developed as the Hudson project. Hudson's creation started in summer of 2004 at Sun Microsystems. It was first released in in Feb. 2005.
                                                       Know more about Jenkins
What is the use of Jenkins in Selenium
  • Using Jenkins we can create build (Build - set of Testcase combined together) and we can run easily using batch file or Git or build.xml or SVN etc
  • Jenkins- can schedule the build periodically 
         for Example- You want to run 100 Testcase daily at 10 pm
  • Email-Notification- Jenkins provide notification mails too once build passed or failed to respective recipients (Depends of configuration)
 Lets have a look How Jenkins works

1- Download Jenkins - refer the below url

    Download Jenkins

2- Configure Jenkins for Running Build - Refer the below url

    Configure Jenkins

3- Finally run build using Jenkins

     Testcase running through Jenkins

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